Friday, November 03, 2006

Greetings from Down Under

I would like to commence by saying what a brilliant concept the blog is to allow information and the opportunity to share views, provide assistance and be kept generally informed with like minded people within the filed of dispute resolution and conflict management.

I believe that I am the first Australian mediator to utilise this medium (well at least I hope so) and to join the on-line community. I look forward to to liaising with you all. I am Managing Director of Mutual Meditations and have recently established the Australian Mediation Association, of which I am CEO.

This is my first post so am still finding my feet. I have been reading many of the ADR blogs and find the information extremely beneficial and I hope to share some of my views and thoughts on ADR also.

Of particular note, I attended a conference in Suva, Fiji in July called "Mediating Cultures in the Pacific and Asia". I support and encourage all of the ADR practitioners in the region to promote the use of dialogue and negotiation to resolve the current issues between the military and the police in Fiji, to avoid bloodshed. The use of collaborative decision making and consensus building are two interest based bargaining strategies to be adopted so as to manage and transform the conflict. Ultimately, this will avert the use of power and force which always results in death and the loss of lives and destabilises nations. All acts of voilence and force should be condemned.

I would encourage the use of forums such as this to share, promote and educate others about the use of conflict resolution skills.

Looking forward to chatting with you all.

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Paula M. Lawhon said...

Welcome to the world of mediation blogging! I read about you in Diane Levin's Online Mediation blog. I look forward to reading more from you!