Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Australian Mediator Accrediation Scheme

The Australian Mediation Association, as a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB), would like to congratulate our recently accredited mediators under the National Standards, as of January 1st 2008. The Australian National Mediator Standards apply to any person who voluntarily seeks to be accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation System to act as a mediator and assist two or more participants to manage, settle or resolve disputes or to form a future plan of action through a process of mediation.

Australian National Mediator Accreditation Standards

The Approval Standards:
· Specify requirements for mediators seeking to obtain approval under the voluntary national accreditation system; and
· Define minimum qualifications and training; and
· Assist in informing participants, prospective participants and others what qualifications and competencies can be expected of mediators.

All mediators who wished to be accredited under the new system must formally apply to a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body (RMAB), the Australian Mediation Association is such a body. General membership of the AMA does not automatically entitle Practitioners to be accredited under the standards. ADR Practitioners must apply for national accreditation as a separate process. Applicants must satisfy the AMA that they meet the pre-requisite requirements under the standards. For more information and to view the national standards please Click Here. For Accreditation under the Australian National Mediator Standards please click here.

All current Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners and members of LEADR, IAMA, Law Society ADR Panels and other ADR bodies or organisations will be eligible for accreditation provided they also meet the continuing accreditation requirements which have two key elements: practice as a mediator over the previous two years (generally 25 hours, but this may be varied to meet particular circumstances) and 20 hours of professional development.

For Accreditation under the Australian National Mediator Standards please click here.

Australian Mediation Register

The Australian Mediation Register (AMR) will be shortly open for mediators to become registered, please visit http://www.amr.asn.au/. The aim is to launch the Register to coincide with the implementation of the National Mediator Accreditation System. The Australian Mediation Register is a web based listing of mediators who certify that they meet either the minimum national standards, accreditation as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner or have undertaken mediation training.

Please note that only those mediators accredited under the national standards, by the AMA, will have permission to use the wording “Australian Mediation Registered Mediator” and the accompanying logo in their advertising and business promotion. The web based Australian Mediation Register, hosted by the AMA, allows mediators to advertise their credentials and business. The site contains all rules and procedures that need to be followed to use the logo and accompanying words. To view the Australian Mediation Register please click http://www.amr.asn.au/ (please note that registration on the site is not currently available and will be opened shortly).

AMA Membership

As a special introductory offer all general membership to the AMA is currently free. In order to enhance your membership experience and interaction with the AMA, we encourage you to visit our website at http://www.ama.asn.au/ and the soon the be launched Australian Mediation Register http://www.amr.asn.au/ where you can find information on the organisation, current events, ADR services and lists of resources. Your contact details have been added to our membership database to remain updated, along with our national network of ADR consultants, to receive monthly ADR news, dispute resolution job opportunities, networking events, seminar and conflict resolution information and many more opportunities within the ADR field. We invite you to contact us with questions, suggestions, or offers of assistance. Please forward this email on to any other ADR practitioners you may know and ask them to contact me should they wish to become a free member.

AMA Panel of Mediators – case referral work

Should you wish to receive fee paying mediation matters, please download an application form (click here) and join our National Panel of ADR Consultants for referral work. Please address and submit your details in accordance with the requirements of Part 6. This panel will enable you to receive referral work for your particular area(s) of mediation expertise. There is no on-line form, simply read through the application form and make a submission in accordance with the Selection Criteria in Part 6. If your application is successful you will be placed onto our referral panel for potential casework.